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Using and Managing Your Account

You can now use your Health Savings Account to purchase (or reimburse yourself for) over-the-counter (OTC) medications and supplies without a prescription. Learn more.

When you enroll in the Health Savings Plan (HSP), HealthEquity—our HSA administrator—will send you an HSA debit card. Use your debit card as a convenient way to pay for eligible expenses at the doctor’s office, pharmacies or anywhere that takes debit cards. The money comes directly out of your account, and you don’t need to submit a claim for reimbursement. (Hang on to your receipts, however, just in case there is any question about an expense being eligible.)

Learn more about eligible expenses.

Paying Expenses With Your HSA

Medical, Behavioral Health, Vision and Dental Care

Receive services from a provider

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Your provider bills Anthem/VSP/Delta Dental

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Anthem/VSP/Delta Dental sends you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

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Your provider sends you a bill

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Pay your bill with your HSA

  • Pay with your HSA debit card
  • Pay your provider through or using the HealthEquity mobile app
  • Pay using another method and request reimbursement from HealthEquity

Prescription Drug Expenses

Fill or refill a prescription

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The pharmacy verifies your coverage and provides a cost for your prescription(s)

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Pay for your prescription with your HSA

  • Pay with your HSA debit card
  • Pay using another method and request reimbursement from HealthEquity

Over-the-Counter Medications and Products

You can use your HSA to pay for over-the-counter medications and supplies, including menstrual care products, without a prescription.

Your claims from Anthem, OptumRx, VSP and Delta Dental will be sent to HealthEquity, so you can view all of your health care claims on the HealthEquity member portal.

Managing Your Account

Use the HealthEquity member portal or free HealthEquity mobile app (download from Google Play or the App Store) for quick access to HSA balance and transaction information and more.

  • View your balance
  • Review and edit your personal information
  • View your transaction history
  • See current interest rates
  • Download monthly statements and tax forms
  • Start investing or manage your investments
  • Request additional or replacement debit cards
  • Add beneficiaries
  • Request reimbursement
  • Pay providers
  • Securely store receipts electronically

Keep Your Receipts

In the event that you are audited by the IRS, you may be required to provide documentation of medical expenses paid from your HSA. You can upload your receipts, invoices, explanation of benefits (EOBs), written prescriptions (including those for over-the-counter medication) and other official documentation using the HealthEquity member portal. These documents will remain safe and secure for future access.

Annual Reporting

Because your HSA is a tax-advantaged account, the IRS requires you to report how you use the account on your income tax return, typically on Form 8889. HealthEquity provides two tax statements, as applicable, each year: 1099-SA and 5498-SA.

Log in to HealthEquity member portal for more information.

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