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What Do You Really Know About Your Doctor?
Castlight makes it easy to find a high-quality provider and to see reviews from other patients. Log in to Anthem and click "Find a Doctor."

Castlight is your personalized healthcare assistant designed to help you find high-quality health care providers near you and to take the mystery out of health care costs. Use Castlight to help you make better health care decisions.

Find Doctors, Facilities and Health Care Services Near You

Castlight gives you the tools to search with confidence.

  1. Log in to Anthem and click “Find a Doctor” or “Estimate Your Cost” (at the bottom right).
  2. Under “Find a doctor” on the home page, click on “Primary care” or other specialty.
  3. See the range of estimated prices and quality ratings for the doctors in your area.
  4. Use “Refine your search” to filter results based on criteria such as type of visit, specialties and distance from your location.
  5. Click on “Show more filters” for more ways to filter, including gender, specialty and ability to take new patients.

Need Specialized Care? Look for Excellence.

Hospitals named as “centers of excellence” focus on a specific medical condition or type of surgery, like maternity care or hip replacement. Due to their specialized scope, centers of excellence usually have access to expertise and resources that aren’t available at a typical hospital. Facing knee surgery? Look into an orthopedic center of excellence for high-quality health care. Need a heart procedure? Search for your nearest center of excellence for cardiac care.

See Quality Ratings

Choosing the wrong doctor could leave you feeling frustrated—or worse, dealing with inappropriate care. It’s estimated that as many as 15% of cases involve a missed or incorrect diagnosis. The right doctor can mean the difference between early treatment at the first signs of a stroke or being sent home with a suspected migraine.

It’s not just the “who,” but the “where” that matters, too. Some hospitals simply do a better job than others. For example, hospitals that perform a lot of the same types of surgeries typically have better patient outcomes. On the other end of the spectrum, underperforming hospitals consistently have higher rates of staph infection and more frequent readmissions.

Castlight sources the best available information from organizations committed to rating health care providers to give you a clear picture of doctor and hospital quality ratings.

Read (and Write!) Reviews

User reviews have been a longtime go-to for ranking just about anything, from restaurants to hair salons, and healthcare’s no exception. Nearly 60% of patients say they do online research and read user reviews before choosing a doctor.

Castlight allows you see reviews from others about their experiences with doctors and at hospitals, so you can feel confident that you’re choosing the right provider for your needs.

And you can help others by sharing your experiences with providers, too.

Get Cost Estimates

For medical services, you will find a wide range of prices, depending on where you go. Out-of-pocket costs for a standard office visit can range from $20 to $250. For other types of visits, lab tests and X-rays, the range can be even wider.

Use the Castlight Know Your Cost tool whenever you have a question about how much you might expect to pay for a health care service. While each individual situation is unique, Castlight’s estimates are based on actual claims data. So, you’ll have more peace of mind knowing what a service might really cost you.

Review Your Past Care

See what services you’ve received since you’ve been enrolled in the PPO plan.

  • Click on the “Past care” tab at the top of the page to see an overview of your spending on past medical care.
  • Scroll down the page to see a list of past healthcare visits for you and your family, and to see step-by-step explanations about what you paid and why.

Learn About Your Plan

Click on the “Your plan” tab at the top of the page to learn more about your medical plan benefits.

Register for Castlight

  1. Log in to Anthem (on your first visit, the UC employee will need to register).
  2. After you log in, click "Estimate Your Cost" (at the bottom right).
  3. Register with Castlight and accept the Terms and Conditions.