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What's New and Changing for 2019

There are no changes to the PPO plan deductibles, coinsurance or copayments (UC Care) or annual out-of-pocket limits.

Changes for all the UC PPO Plans

This page describes new features and changes to all of the UC PPO plans, and changes that affect only certain plans (including those you are not enrolled in).

The new features/changes described below are effective January 1, 2019.

Meet UC Vita™, Your New Digital Health Care Assistant

Navigating the complex world of health care can be frustrating. Enter UC Vita (Engage Wellbeing). UC Vita is a personalized digital health care assistant offering all the features of Castlight and more! UC Vita will be accessible via the internet from any computer, as well as through the free app that you can download directly to your mobile devices. With UC Vita, you’ll be able to:

  • Quickly access a comprehensive list of UC benefit programs available to you.
  • Keep your focus on prevention and overall well-being to prevent future health issues.
  • View personalized information relevant to you and your health care needs and preferences.
  • See what’s covered by your medical plan and view coverage and claim details.
  • Find doctors you like and trust. Search for in-network care. See quality scores and reviews for doctors and hospitals, and write your own reviews.
  • Track Health Savings Account (HSA) balance and spending.
  • Be ready for any kind of emergency. Keep your medical insurance card as close as your smartphone. Find urgent care numbers anytime.

UC Vita will replace the current Mobile Health Consumer app and Castlight experience. You’ll hear more about UC Vita (Engage Wellbeing) in early 2019, including how to download the free app.

New ID Cards

In late December, you and each covered family member will get one ID card from Anthem that you’ll use beginning January 1, 2019, for medical, prescription drug and behavioral health services. The new ID cards have updated information your pharmacist will need in order to process your pharmacy claims in 2019.

Changes to the UC Health Savings Plan (HSP)

Save More in Your Health Savings Account (HSA) in 2019

The maximum HSA contribution limit will increase to $3,500 for individual coverage (up from $3,450 in 2018) and $7,000 (up from $6,900) for family coverage. If you are or will be age 55 or older in 2019, you can contribute an additional $1,000 above these limits.

UCLA and UCSB Employees: Elect Your 2019 Annual HSA Contribution

Be sure to specify your 2019 annual HSA contribution when you enroll. Normally, your annual HSA contribution election rolls over from year-to-year, but because of the UC Path conversion, all UCLA and UCSB employees will need to specify their annual contribution for 2019.