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Transitioning to a New Medical Plan

Transitioning to a different health plan can have its challenges. These how-to’s can help you get the care you need.

Find a Doctor Who Accepts Medicare

You should always choose providers that accept Medicare for Medicare-covered services. Go to to find providers near you that accept Medicare.

Transfer Your Medical Records

If you are selecting a new physician, you’ll need to transfer your medical records from your previous doctor to your new one. Your previous doctor can provide you with instructions.

Use Your Member ID Card

You will need to present your member ID card when you visit your doctor or behavioral health professional for the first time for Benefits Beyond Medicare services, including behavioral health.

Each enrolled member will receive their own card with their name on it.

When you receive your new ID card, review it carefully. Make sure that all of the information is correct. Then replace your old health plan ID card with the new one.