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Talk to a Doctor Anytime, Anywhere

Cough, sniffle, fever, rash or emotional issue. It’s not an emergency, but you’re feeling lousy and would really like to talk to a doctor about your symptoms. But it’s 2 a.m. No problem. Board-certified LiveHealth Online doctors and psychiatrists can diagnose, recommend and prescribe medication for many common non-emergency medical and behavioral health issues. Doctors are available 24/7 all year long. There’s no waiting in a crowded emergency room or urgent care center.

Why Use LiveHealth Online?

LiveHealth Online can help:

  • After normal office hours.
  • When your primary care physician or pediatrician isn’t available.
  • When you are considering the ER or urgent care for non-emergency medical issues.
  • When you have limited access to emergency or urgent care because you are in a rural area.

What Does It Cost?

Each LiveHealth Online visit will cost you just a $20 copayment. The medical plan deductible does not apply to this service. Your copayment will count toward your plan's out of pocket maximum.

Using LiveHealth Online

LiveHealth Online is available only through video—either on your desktop/laptop computer, tablet, or Android or iOS mobile device. (Download the app from Google Play™ or the Apple Store℠ and follow the instructions to access the service through your mobile device.)

Log in to LiveHealth Online.

  1. On your first visit, click "Sign Up" to set up your account.
  2. Search for a doctor in your area.
  3. Fill out information about yourself and your health issue.
  4. Pay for services online using your HSA debit card or credit card.

If you need help, call the Customer Support Call Center toll free at (855) 603-7985.


You must access LiveHealth Online from a computer with a webcam or built-in camera. You will also need:

  • High-speed internet access
  • Audio capability

Next, make sure you are using the right browser. LiveHealth Online works on:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Safari

In your settings, turn on:

  • JavaScript
  • Cookies

Accessing LiveHealth Online from a Mobile Device

After downloading the LiveHealth Online app for from Google Play or the App Store, follow the instructions to get started. To support two-way video visits, your device must have a front-facing camera. LiveHealth Online is not currently available via the Web browser on your mobile device.


  • LiveHealth Online is not available when you're outside the U.S.
  • Participants must be 18 years old and a U.S. resident. Parents or guardians of minors must appear on screen for the visit.

To learn more go to LiveHealth Online or call (855) 603-7985.