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The Behavioral Health Struggle Is Real — for Everyone!

May 2021

Behavioral health challenges don’t discriminate. No one is immune to burnout, depression, anxiety, substance misuse and other concerns. Emotional and mental health challenges make it difficult to be at our best. Even before COVID-19, our collective consciousness was suffering. Add the stress of virtual schooling, safety protocols, financial hardships, working remotely, coping with sickness and death, and recent acts of racism and violence in the U.S., and it’s no surprise that levels of anxiety and depression continue to climb.

And while anyone might wrestle with emotional health struggles, not everyone who wants support feels comfortable or is able to seek it. This may be particularly true for those who might encounter stigma, discrimination, lack of diversity in health care providers, and language barriers.

You Are Not Alone

UC Systemwide Resources

Improving your emotional well-being can have tremendously positive effects on every aspect of life. That’s why UC’s health systems benefits, digital tools, and campus-based research and programs offer a variety of ways for our diverse community to safely and confidentially connect with effective support.

Anthem Medical Plan Resources

Anthem Behavioral Health Resource Center. Licensed counselors can help with issues ranging from depression and eating disorders to substance misuse. Call (844) 792-5141.

Anthem Health Guide. Specially trained, concierge-style customer service agents who help you find and compare providers, including languages spoken and ethnicity (if available). Call toll-free at (844) 437-0486, Monday through Friday, 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. PT, except holidays. Log in to explore mental health providers near you. You can view the provider’s ethnicity (if available) and languages spoken in that office.

LiveHealth Online Psychology. Online access to licensed therapists and psychiatrists. Create an account and log in to view providers’ profiles and specialties so you can find someone relatable and experienced with your concerns. Through June 30, 2021, PPO plan members pay no copays or coinsurance for telehealth mental health visits.

myStrength. Interactive tool that helps you build resilience, improve overall wellbeing, combat depression, anxiety, stress, substance misuse, chronic pain, and more. Access myStrength by logging into under Care > Health & Wellness (click on View More) or through the Sydney Health mobile app under Benefits.

Sydney Health can guide the way. The Sydney Health mobile app can help you find PPO providers and access digital tools, like LiveHealth Online and myStrength. Download it for free for iPhone and Android.