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Is a PPO Medical Plan Right for Me?

UC offers both PPOs and HMOs, which work very differently. These questions can help you figure out whether a PPO is right for you.

Would you rather have:
Generally lower paycheck contributions but higher out-of-pocket costs when you get care. OR Generally higher paycheck contributions but predictable expenses when I get care.
Flexibility to see any doctor—and self-refer to specialists—in exchange for higher out-of-pocket costs for care. OR Lower out-of-pocket costs in exchange for being restricted to a specific group of doctors and hospitals, with all care coordinated by a primary care physician.
Broad coverage for prescription drugs, including brand-name medications. OR More limited prescription drug coverage in exchange for lower out-of-pocket costs.
Coverage for you or dependents who live or travel outside California or the U.S. OR Coverage within my home region.

If more of your preferences are in the left column, a PPO plan might work well for you. If more of your preferences are in the right column, an HMO might work well for you.