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People Like Me

Seeing what others considered when they made their enrollment choices might help you make yours.

Why the HSP works for me.


We’re all pretty healthy and only see a doctor a few times a year for minor illnesses. I’ve been enrolled in UC Care for many years because I liked the predictable copayments when we saw UC Select providers. But this year I’m eyeing the HSP with the Health Savings Account because I don’t want to pay more for coverage that we don’t use. And I like the idea that UC contributes $1,000 to my HSA. That should cover most—if not all—of our expected health care expenses. I’ll put the difference in premiums into my HSA, too. That way I’ll build a cushion for any unexpected expenses, while also saving on taxes and building financial resources for retirement.

Why UC Care works for me.


Last year I switched to UC Care. Both my wife and I have ongoing health conditions and see the doctor pretty frequently. An asthma attack put me in the hospital for a few days, too. I live near a UC medical center and my regular doctor is part of UC Select, so my out-of-pocket costs are relatively low and predictable. That’s important to me because I can’t afford to meet a high deductible. I’d rather pay more out of my paycheck in exchange for paying less when I get care.

Why CORE works for me.


Right now I’ve got other financial priorities, so I’m watching every dollar closely—including what I pay for health care coverage. Fortunately, I’m in good health and rarely go to the doctor, except for annual checkups. I take a prescription allergy medication, but it’s generic and doesn’t cost much. Right now, the CORE plan works for me and my budget. I know there’s the risk that I could get sick or injured and have a lot of medical bills, but I could come up with the $6,350 out-of-pocket maximum if I had to.