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IngenioRx Is Now Anthem’s Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM)

(This article was edited July 2019.)

May 2019

On July 1, 2019, IngenioRx became Anthem’s new pharmacy benefit manager. This means all your medical and prescription benefits are now managed by Anthem Blue Cross, including specialty medications. (If you or a family member is enrolled in an Anthem Medicare PPO plan, see how you're affected.)

Key Things to Know

No changes to your benefits, copays or drug formulary. You’ll continue to pay the same amount you do today.

Pharmacy specialists 24/7. With IngenioRx, you have a team of pharmacy specialists available to you 24/7, online tools to use from anywhere, and access to your health and prescription drug benefits in one place at

Keep your pharmacy. All members can continue using their current pharmacy, including UC Medical Center pharmacies. In the event your current pharmacy is not in the new network, Anthem will contact you directly. You can also call Anthem Health Guide at (844) 437-0486.

What You Need to Do

Your current ID card includes the new pharmacy information. As always, be sure to present your ID card whenever you use a new pharmacy or fill a new prescription. You can also view your ID cards anytime on the UC Vita™ (Engage Wellbeing) app.

Mail Order and Specialty Prescriptions

Active refills for prescriptions with the Express Scripts mail service or the specialty pharmacy, Accredo, have been automatically transferred to IngenioRx. However, there is important information to know about each.

If You Use Mail Order for Medications: What You Need to Do

Starting July 1, 2019, IngenioRx Home Delivery Pharmacy is your new mail order service. Existing authorizations and refills transferred over to IngenioRx.


Ask your doctor to resend prescriptions to the IngenioRx Home Delivery Pharmacy for the following medications:

  • Prescriptions that are expired or have no refills
  • Controlled substances (federal law does not allow us to transfer these prescriptions)

Be sure that your personal information is correct. Visit, or call Pharmacy Member Services at (833) 261-2463. You need to update:

Your mailing address and phone number


Payment information, credit card or checking account information


Your enrollment for automatic refills


If You Use Specialty Medications: What You Need to Do

You should have received a call from an IngenioRx Specialty Care Team member to discuss your prescriptions and care plan. If you missed the call, you can contact the Care Team at (833) 255‐0645.


Your prescriptions and prior authorizations have been automatically transferred to IngenioRx. If there are any issues, the Care Team will work with your doctor to ensure a smooth transition.


If you are managing a rare disease, you may be connected with a nurse from the Anthem Specialty Condition Management program. This nurse will answer your questions about medications or managing your disease. You also have pharmacists, social workers and other Care Team members to assist you.

Be sure your information is correct. Visit > Pharmacy, or call the Specialty Pharmacy Care Team at (833) 255‐0645. You will need to update:

  • Your mailing address and phone number
  • Payment information, credit card or checking account information

What's Next?


Visit or call IngenioRx Pharmacy Member Services at (833) 261-2463 to confirm your prescriptions have transferred correctly.